Corporate massage is quickly becoming one of the most sort after wellness treatments for businesses alike due to the positive health benefits associated with massage. A single 10 minute treatment can leave a patient feeling stress free, refreshed and energized.

Advanced Balance are TouchPro trained and provide a fully clothed chair massage technique that comprises of 60 acupressure points.

Treatment can be provided as 10, 15 or 30 minute sessions and covers the patients back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head.  A specially designed ergonomic upright chair is used which allows the therapist to practice within a limited amount of space making it perfect within the workplace.

The aim of treatment is to leave the client feeling relax, rejuvenated and focused. It is also the therapists aim to leave the patient well informed about their postural habits, how to correct postural imbalances and to provide stretches necessary to reduce muscular tightness.

The benefits for business and staff:

1.       Fast & effective               treatment is onsite, there is no need to get undressed and sessions can be as quick as 10 minutes, enabling staff to

                                                       take limited time away from their work commitments but to also receive effective treatment which will refresh them

                                                       for the rest of the day.

2.       Increase productivity    relieving pain and discomfort and reducing stress and anxiety through massage will allow staff to increase productivity

                                                       as well as feel revived and energised.

3.       Reduce staff turn over  improve, build and maintain high staff morale, job satisfaction and employee appreciation through this unique wellness

                                                       benefits plan, which in-turn will increase loyalty and decrease turnover.  

4.       Reduce absenteeism    reduce lost work days by lowering stress and posture related discomfort and increase employees desire to come into

                                                      work on the day of their treatment. This is particularly effective to boost moral during stressful projects or company


5.       Increase awareness     seated massage can deliver great value at corporate events such as trade shows, product launches, and conferences. Not

                                                     only are you demonstrating that your company is client focused, you are also providing your sales team with a captive

                                                     audience who will be relaxed and ready to do business.                                                                   

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Kath has provided a great service to our business and has soothed away the day to day work stresses by providing some In chair massages. We had a great take up from our staff,  who experienced a 10 minute massage that focussed on relieving tensions in your neck, back and shoulders. Kath was brilliant at explaining what she was doing and how it would benefit the individual.  She also provided some additional support by way of stretches that could be done at desk or at home to help with posture.    The feedback from our teams was really positive with phrases such a “Amazing”, “  I loved it”, “ When are you coming back again”.  Staff commented that they felt more relaxed and were more aware of their at desk posture after their massage.  Kath was very professional, engaging and made the staff feel welcome and relaxed.    We would recommend Kath to others and hoping to get her back to our offices again soon. Thank you Kath

Kirsteen Robinson