Lockdown Regulation & Rates

In order to adhere to the new lockdown government guidelines, the clinic is temporarily required to adopt the following rules in order to continue treating musculoskeletal complaints.


  • 30 and 45 minutes appointments can only be booked during lockdown

  • Treatment will be offered to those suffering from musculoskeletal pain and discomfort due to post operative discomfort, injury and trauma,  neurological, rheumatological, biomechanics or degenerative changes which prevents a person from undertaking their day to day activities

  • A pre screening conversation will be undertaken before your appointment to establish the complaint you are presenting with and a consent form will need to be signed pre treatment


  •  Your therapist will be wearing full PPE to include a type II facemask, face visor, apron and gloves during your appointment but please do not worry, this will not effect the treatment

Sports Therapy for Pain & Injury Management


45 minutes £38 (with CBD oil £43)


30 minutes £30 (with CBD oil £35)