Advanced Balance is a Wellness Clinic that provides professional care and pain relief for the whole family.

As a complimentary therapy, massage can be used to treat both physical and emotional difficulties, irrespective of occupation, lifestyle, age or level of fitness.

The following treatments can be provided at our Clinic. If you need help choosing the right treatment for you, please contact us at admin@advancedbalance.co.uk or call us on 07771 896 870


  • Manages soft tissue tension and pain, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Reduces anxiety, chronic pain, headaches and insomnia.

  • Helps to improve posture, reduce blood pressure, increase immune system health, reduce digestive disorders and increase positive mood.

  • Increases relaxation and energy.

Massage can help with the following conditions
Deep Muscle and Sports Massage
Sports/Kinesio Taping 
Injury and surgery Rehab
CBD Deep Tissue Massage
Pre and Post Pregnancy Massage